From endoscopic methods to robotic surgery

Modern treatment methods with guidance of developed medical technologies for urinary system disorders

At Our Hospital Urology Department

  • Medical and surgical treatment of open prostate surgery and Greenlight laser (closed prostate surgery) as well as urinary incontinence (stress incontinence)
  • Sexual dysfunction,
  • Treatment of kidney and urinary tract stones (closed / endoscopic kidney stone surgery, calculus breaking with ESWL- sound waves)
  • Treatment of infertility (male infertility) and
  • Surgical interventions (urinary bladder tumors, prostate cancer, undescended testicles, varicocele, hypospadias, etc.) are done succesfully.

In this department, interventions are also performed with HIFU device (high-intensity focused ultrasound used in prostate cancer) in modern treatment of prostate cancer.

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