Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty)

Rhinoplasty (nose aesthetics) is an aesthetic surgical procedure that aims to correct asymmetries, excesses, arches and curvatures in the nose.

Rhinoplasty (nose aesthetics) is a procedure performed under the support of anesthesia in operating room conditions.

The patient is hospitalized for one day after nose surgery. It is followed for a week with special plastic nasal tampons and nasal splint for nose surgery. Nasal splints and tampons are taken at the controls in the second week. In the second week, patients are followed up with only nasal strips. Nasal strips are removed at the end of the second week. Although it varies from patient to patient after each nose surgery, more or less swelling and bruising can be seen. These swelling and bruises disappear in an average of one week. Patients can start light sports in the first month and heavy sports in the second month. Patients can return to their daily lives after one week and at the end of two weeks at the latest.

Especially if there is difficulty in breathing, nose surgery is performed for both functional and aesthetic purposes starting from the age of 16.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is preferred for solving minor problems. It is the process of shaping the nose with a filler material without surgery with hyaluronic, acid-based fillers. Unlike nasal surgery, it is based on the principle of camouflaging deformities (shape deformities) with filling. It is not possible to apply to every patient. The results are not permanent and need to be repeated.

Tipplasty (nasal tip aesthetics) is a type of operation in which only the tip of the nose is shaped without interfering with the back of the nose.

Care should be taken not to expose the nose area to trauma for the first few months after rhinoplasty. Although lubrication occurs on the nose skin in the first few months, this is temporary. Assuming that the healing is completed in an average of six months, the lubrication is lost until this time. Our patients can start light sports in the first month and heavy sports in the second month.

We present the possible results with 3D animation before the operation according to the expectations of our patients. It is an advantage that our hospital is a full-fledged university hospital and has an experienced academic physician who has been a pioneer in the field of rhinoplasty for many years. Our hospital, which is quite adequate in terms of all necessary technical and medical equipment, is a preferred health institution for rhinoplasty both in the country and internationally.

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