Hair Loss Treatment

Today, thanks to advanced technology, a very natural appearance can be obtained with hair transplantation. Thus, problems such as psychological traumas that may occur due to hair loss and alienation from social life can be prevented, and individuals can be made to feel better.

Today, the majority of men over the age of 30 are faced with the problem of hair loss. Therefore, it is not surprising that hair transplantation is one of the most applied cosmetic surgeries for men. On the other hand, hair loss is not unique to men. Many women also face the problem of hair loss or thinning. Hair loss occurs due to genetic inheritance, aging, after traumatic injuries or following various medical disorders.

Regardless of the reason, all patients with sufficient hair follicles in the body can have a successful hair transplant. Not just on the scalp; We can achieve successful results with this method in the loss of all areas with hair on the body, such as eyebrows, mustache or beard. As Medipol Mega University Hospital - Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Center, our goal in hair transplantation applications is; Our aim is to provide our patients with natural-looking, healthy hair in the most comfortable way that modern medicine allows, with the least discomfort during and after the operation.

Questions and Answers You Should Know About Hair Loss

Hair loss may occur due to aging, drug use, hormonal changes due to pregnancy, and family history of baldness. In addition, some accidents and burns can cause loss of the scalp. Basically, the most common hair loss is male pattern hair loss.

The first thing to do is a detailed hormone control. If there is no problem in these controls, hair transplantation can be done. But if there is another problem that causes hair loss, drug treatment will be appropriate first.

There are many methods. The purpose of Modern Hair transplant is to achieve a natural hair appearance and for this, we use Follicular Unit Extraction which we also call “FUE” technique 
In FUE technique; each hair follicle is obtained from the posterior region of the head without any pain caused using a micro-motor and prepared. The hair follicles are transferred in their new region prepared suitably according to the hair exit direction, using micro-tools without any pain or any sutures. 
Not only hair but also eyebrows, mustaches and beards could also be transplanted using this technique. Depending on the amount of hair the procedure takes approx 4-7 hours.

Hair transplant with FUE technique has many advantages such as adjustment of the hair transplant angle and thus achieving a result closest to natural level, shorter recovery period, faster return to work and daily life and indistinctive scars.

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