General Surgery

Perfect surgical equipment, senior services...

Understanding of scintific service accompanied with modern technology

Our Hospital General Surgery Department, serves with its expert staff having any kind of infrastructure and equipment that the branch of general surgery requires.
The most problematic and difficult cases of general surgery are undoubtedly cancer. The cancer treatments of stomach, pancreas, intestine are done considering the current type of practice. Iin this context Laparoscopic (closed) method is applied as a routine in colon cancers. For other cancers in the abdomen, adopting the most advanced principles of treatment are also recepted with the help of innovative technological tools. Breast cancers are the most common type of cancer having successful results of operation. Taking current approaches in the surgical treatment of this disease as a priority, an approach protecting the breast and minimizing the interventions being performed to the axilla is adopted. The department serves a pioneering scientific level in the treatment of goiter and thyroid cancer frequently seen in our country

The most frequently performed surgical procedures in general surgery are the gallbladder and hernia operations. These procedures are performed via laparoscopic (closed) method by using the highest level of current technological equipment. The department, which has all kinds of equipment required in emergency surgery, all kinds of senior services are rapidly supplied.

Since general Surgery Department adopts giving patient-centered service, current medical procedures are also followed ın non-surgical interventions. . In this context both endoscopic procedures and follow up of non-surgical patients are succesfully done.

Colorectal (Large Bowel) Surgery Unit

  • Endoscopic applications that include the most developed systems for the diagnosis of colon cancer
  • High level pathologic and diagnostic examinations including genetic tests
  • With the most developed equipment of nuclear medicine and radiology; all kinds of computerized tomography, magnetic resonance, ultrasonography, positron-emulsion tomography images including scintigraphy and defeco graph,
  • Laparoscopic (closed technique) colon surgeryTrans-rectal interventions without performing an abdominal incision
  • Radiotherapy application preoperative, post-operative or peri-operatively in case of necessity by current technology equipment
  • Chemotherapy given by an experienced team
  • Bio-feedback treatment performed by gastroenterology team in patients with functional bowel disease and expert dietician control
  • In patients that stoma (exterioring bowel to abdomen) is necessary, trainings and care applications performed with the support of stoma nurse.
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