Check Up

What is check-ups?

Check-up is a general and comprehensive health screening performed to detect problems that do not show any signs of discomfort but may cause disease in the future, and to take preventive measures. It plays an important role in the early diagnosis and treatment of diseases with a high risk of death.

Check-Up Saves Lives

The check-up program of our hospital is a program that provides sufficient information about your health status and is carried out under the control of an internist. As a result of the check-ups we have done, many patients in our hospital have been diagnosed early and successfully treated and returned to their normal lives.

What is the Purpose of Check-Up?

It is to determine the diseases in the risk group such as coronary artery disease, cancer, hypertension, high cholesterol and diabetes that may affect the quality of life of individuals, as well as other types of diseases in the early period and apply the necessary precautions and treatment methods.

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