Bariatrics Surgery

What is obesity?

Obesity is a complicated disorder that causes the person to experience health problems as a result of excessive excess fat tissue in the body. The Body Mass Index (BMI) calculation based on height and weight is used to calculate obesity: Over 30 obese, over 40 morbidly obese, and over 50 super obese are considered by the World Health Organization. 

What is bariatric surgery?

Obesity surgery; It is the name given to all surgical interventions performed to eliminate morbid obesity and is called "bariatric surgery" in medicine. Bariatric surgery is nowadays the most effective method for maintaining weight loss in morbidly obese patients. bariatric surgery comes into play when diet, physical exercise, behavior modification and drugs cannot lose the expected weight.

Bariatric surgery can be considered as a chance to get rid of this disease for patients struggling to survive with advanced obesity. The most important goals of bariatric surgery are; sustainable weight loss, improvement of quality of life, reduction of complication rate, cost-effectiveness and low mortality rate. In order to achieve these goals, before the operation, the patient's bariatric surgery team; nutritional habits, nutritional and clinical status should be evaluated very well, they should undergo a psychological evaluation to detect eating behavior disorders and they should be followed for a lifetime with a team including a dietitian. 

Why Choose Us?

In our hospital, patients with overweight problems are evaluated and the most appropriate medical assistance is provided. It is aimed to provide the most appropriate support for weight loss with endocrinology, dietitian, general surgery and, when necessary, psychiatry, chest diseases and cardiology support. Our intensive care service is provided in single rooms with the most advanced technology. With the robotic system, these operations can be performed with minimal surgical trauma. Your obesity profile is drawn up with a multidisciplinary approach by a team specialized in the field and surgical procedure is performed according to your suitability.

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