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    Hair Loss Treatment
    Hair loss may occur due to aging, drug use, hormonal changes due to pregnancy, and family history of baldness. In addition, some accidents and burns can cause loss of the scalp.
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    Botox Analysis
    Botox applications are procedures to reduce or prevent the contraction of the muscles that cause wrinkles on the face with fine injectors.
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    In Vitro Fertizilation (IVF) Analysis
    IVF is a treatment method applied to couples who cannot have children due to reasons related to women, men or sometimes both.
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    Dental Problem Analysis
    Our Dental Hospital gives 7 days 24 hours service with its experienced academic team and modern infrastructure
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All Clinic Turkey

We are a company established in 2022 Istanbul Technopol.

Our aim is to provide better quality health services for patients who come to Turkey from all over the world and who plan to come.

You can reach us at any time from the forms and numbers on the site.

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Medical Treatment in Turkey

Our Medical Oncology team consists of three faculty members from medical oncology and chemotherapy performance doctors (academic clinicians), 10 clinical nurses, 8 chemotherapy nurses, 4 biologists, and 1 pharmacist. We provide services, such as diagnosis, treatment and care support to all cancer patients. Our clinic has 11-bed capacity, and our chemotherapy unit is a 24-bed capacity facility.

Medical Treatment Services
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